Please browse our cases below. Each case provides an opportunity to discuss key strategy concepts and problems as they have been addressed by real companies.

Case 1 : Walmart Stores

Gaining and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage.

Case 2 : Coca-Cola and Pepsi

The Shifting Landscape of the Carbonated Soft Drink Industry.

Case 3 : ESPN in 2015

Continued Dominance in Sports Television?

Case 4 : Southwest Airlines

Flying High with Low Costs.

Case 5 : Harley-Davidson

Growth Challenges Ahead.

Case 6 : CVS in 2015

From Neighborhood Pharmacy Provider to Health Care Company.

Case 7 : Nike

Sourcing and Strategy in Athletic Footwear.

Case 8 : AT&T and Apple

A Strategic Alliance.

Case 9 : Samsung

Overtaking Philips, Panasonic, and Sony as the Leader in the Consumer Electronics Industry.

Case 10 : Tesla Motors

Disrupting the Auto Industry?

Case 11 : Smartphone Wars

Case 12 : Lincoln Electric

Aligning for Global Growth.

Case 13 : ICARUS Revisited

The Rise and Fall of Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Case 14 : Tabitha's Way Local Food Pantry

Entrepreneurship in Feeding the Hungry.

Case 15 : Corporate Governance and Ethics

Overview of Corporate Governance and Ethics as they related to strategy.

Case 16 : Netflix, Redbox, and Hulu

Offering New Business Models in Home Video Entertainment.

Case 17 : Uber Technologies Inc.

The Optimized Use of a "Sharing Economy".

Case 18 : Safe Water Network

Mastering the Model of Dzemeni.

Intel (A): Dominance in Microprocessors

The Rise of the Microprocessor.

Intel (B): Responding to the Smartphone Threat

A Changed Industry : The Rise of Arm-Powered Smart Devices.

Walmart vs Amazon

The Battle for Online Dominance".


Competing with Free.

Sears Holding Corporation

In Need of a Turnaround Strategy


What's Next?

What will happen to Grandma?

An Examination of the Long-term Healthcare Industry in the USA.