Please browse our tools below. Each tools provides supportive exercises for a key strategy concept.


CH 2: PEST Analysis

Analyzing the macro Political, Economic, Social-Cultural, and Technological (PEST) aspects of a business environment.


CH 3: Resource-Based View of Competitive Advantage

Offers a description of the resource-based view theory, a prominent framework for understanding competitive advantage.


CH 4: Understanding the Scale/Experience Curve

Explains what a scale and experience curve is and how it is used to understand how volume influences costs.


CH 4: Scale Experience Curve Calculation

Explains what a scale/experience curve is and how it is used in strategic analysis


CH 5: Net Promoter Score

Describes a tool to assess whether customers are loyal and likely to promote your company's offering.

Ch. 2 : Porters Five Forces

Ch. 4 : Scale / Experience Curve

Ch. 5 : Net Promoter Score

Ch. 7 : Make Verses Buy Assessment

Ch. 8 : Alliance Verses Acquisition

Ch. 9 : International Strategy Triangle